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Our commitment to creating a safe church environment for everyone drives us to respond to scenarios to keep You Safe.

As the current COVID-19 crisis has been unfolding in front of us all, our church leadership have been strategising and praying to make sure we do everything we can to protect the public health of our state, and still facilitate the gathering of the Church. To help us do this, we have formulated a church compliance team, who keep updated with regulations and make recommendations to our leadership team, so that we as a leadership can make safe decisions as we continue to build His Kingdom and fulfill His purposes. 


We believe (especially in times of need and uncertainty), that we need to be surrounded by a faith-filled, Christ-centered community. We want to be able to make a way for us to gather, worship and pray together while still able to respond to all government advice, and ensure the utmost safety of all of us and our wider community. 

Health and Safety Conditions for Attending a Service

In accordance with the recommendations from the Department of Health & Human Services Victoria, Rock Church has implemented a COVID-safe plan for our Church. 

We are working hard and driven by duty of care to ensure the safety in our church functions.

If you plan to attend our in-person service, we ask that you understand and adhere to our COVID-Safe plan, for the safety of everyone.  

This also includes only attending a service if you and your household are in good health. Should you fall unwell before the event, you can cancel your registration through the Church App or calling our office. 

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 Covid Safe 

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