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Our Story

Rock Church is committed to acknowledging Jesus in His rightful place: Lord and head of the Church, our congregation, and our city.  A commitment to Jesus also means a commitment to each other.  This is why we choose to live loving God and loving others.


The Church was designed by Jesus with a simple goal: to be a vehicle to grow His Kingdom.  We at Rock Church are privileged to be part of this design and plan. We therefore strive to be Christ-centred and united with Him in His vision to...

Win the Lost and Grow the Found.

 Who We Are 

Our Story Anchor

Where We've Come From

With a passion for Jesus and a passion to win the lost, Ps John and Patricia Hazelton responded to the call of God in 1990.  With 6 children, they moved to Portland to develop a struggling church. 


John and Patricia faithfully served the Portland community for 27 years, building this church on a strong foundation of God’s word and a passion to win the lost.


In October 2018, John & Patricia handed the baton over to Frank and Rebecca Saliba to lead Portland Christian Church into the future. In the same way that King David played a key role to prepare the way for King Solomon, John and Patricia have faithfully served, laid a foundation and prepared the way for Frank & Rebecca to lead Portland Christian Church into this next exciting era.

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Where Are We Going

With the strong foundation of God’s Word, a heart to win the lost, and the abundant favour of God, the church has grown beyond expectation. Not only has the congregation multiplied in numbers but God has led us to planting a new church in Warrnambool. Expanding to another location led us to adopt a universal name that would connect the locations. This is where Rock Church comes on the scene! Since then, God has extended our reach to minister in Heywood and this is not where we stop. The story continues and we are excited for where God will lead us, and we invite you to join us on this journey!

Rock Church is committed to ministering to individuals and our community.  We believe that our job as a church is to create a journey for those willing to move from seeking God to becoming disciples, where they will fulfill their God-given purpose and make more disciples.  This is a journey to grow and develop people to strengthen their faith; where they can be sent to win others to Jesus, who in turn can begin their own journey of discipleship.


This is where we get our vision statement from....


“Win the Lost and Grow the Found.”

The key to the success of our vision is a focus on family. 


This is why we are committed to developing a strong children’s ministry (Rock Kids), a strong youth ministry (Rock Youth) and a strong marriage & parenting ministry.  The foundation of the family unit is the vehicle for God to be displayed, worshiped, praised and glorified; healthy families, healthy disciples and healthy churches.


We believe that by strengthening the family we are able to restore and strengthen the Church, which is God's bride.

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Our Pastors

Frank & Rebecca Saliba
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